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International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

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Back issue   Volume 3   Number 2   July 2001


Over recent years technological and legislative changes have opened up new markets in different countries. While this has brought a range of new marketing opportunities, it has also resulted in managers having to deal with a variety of important issues. With this in mind, I am delighted to be able to introduce this Special Issue of the International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, titled Transnational Marketing and Sponsorship. The Guest Editors, Dr Michael Silk and Dr David Andrews have done a first-class job of getting together a variety of papers that should provide useful insights for anybody interested in marketing initiatives that span national boundaries. The papers explore issues from both the perspective of the sports organisation, such as the English and New Zealand Rugby Football Unions, Arsenal Football Club, and the International Olympic Committee, and various multinational firms, including adidas, SEGA and AXA. The topics that are covered are contemporary and substantive, and are reflective of the key issues that are faced by those involved in an increasingly global sports industry. My thanks to those who have submitted papers for this Special Issue, particularly those that you see in press, and the Guest Editors Michael Silk and David Andrews for all of their hard work. I hope that you enjoy the issue, and if you feel inspired to put together a future Special Issue, please send me a short proposal outlining the broad content of the proposed issue and its relevance to the sport industry. John Amis, PhD Editor June 2001

Paul Vaughan, Commercial Director, The Rugby Football Union (RFU), England
Paper 1
Football Shirt Sponsorships: SEGA Europe and Arsenal FC
Phillip Rosson, Dalhousie University
The process by which a new shirt sponsorship was struck between SEGA Europe and Arsenal FC is described through a case study. The circumstances leading both organizations to seek out a sponsorship partner are identified. SEGA Europe was preparing to launch its new Dreamcast video console in Europe and wished to create a high-impact marketing program. Arsenal was looking for a company to replace its former shirt sponsor JVC. The case study also provides information about the sponsorship deal, the first 18 months of the partnership, and draws out some some more general lessons.
Paper 2
Transnational Sport Marketing at the Global/Local Nexus: The adidasification of the New Zealand All Blacks
Steven J. Jackson, University of Otago
Richard Batty, University of Otago
Jay Scherer, University of Otago
This study examines the strategies used, and the challenges faced, by global sport company adidas as it established a major sponsorship deal with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union. In particular the study focuses on how adidas 'localised' into the New Zealand market, how they used the All Blacks as part of their global marketing campaign and, the resistance they encountered based on claims they were exploiting the Maori haka.
Paper 3
Celebrating Humanity: Olympic Marketing and the Homogenization of Multiculturalism
Michael D. Giardina, University of Illinois
Jennifer L. Metz, University of Illinois
This paper critically analyzes the International Olympic Committee's 2000 global marketing campaign titled "Celebrate Humanity". Released prior to the 2000 Summer Games, this campaign capitalized on recent cultural trends by focusing on multicultural inclusivity and the idea that sport could contribute to world peace. Using this campaign as our case study, we demonstrate the possibilities for both local consumption and interpretation of a global campaign within the specific cultural context of the United States.
Paper 4
AXA UK, Real Life Supporters and Sponsorship of the Football Association Challenge Cup
Ralph C. Wilcox, University of Memphis
David L. Andrews, University of Memphis
Maxine Longmuir, AXA UK
The article documents AXA UK's decision to invest in a four-year, £25 million sponsorship of the English Football Association's Challenge Cup beginning with the 1998-99 season. Corporate profiles are provided for the sponsor along with a comprehensive socio-historical overview of the property. As a member of the French-based, multinational AXA Group, the relationship of this domestic sponsorship (offering worldwide exposure) to the company's strategic emphasis on "Thinking Globally" and "Acting Locally" is examined. The Sponsorship Team's careful selection of the property and formulation of strategic goals, challenges, creative themes, consumer targets, and partnerships is presented. Evidence suggests that AXA UK's decision to pursue sponsorship over advertising paid significant dividends through the first two years of the agreement.
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