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Back issue   Volume 12   Number 2   January 2011

Stéphane Dor, Marketing and Media Director, French Professional Football League
Paper 1
An investigation of sponsorship implications within a state sports festival: the case of the Florida Sunshine State Games
Jinho Choi, Lecturer, Department of Sport Management, Kyungil University
Yosuki Tsuji, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Management University of the Ryukyus, Japan
Michael Hutchinson, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies, Coastal Carolina University, USA
Event sponsorship has been recognised as an effective means through which companies can communicate with target markets and attendees of sports events. This study investigates the interrelationship between satisfaction with event sponsors, goodwill and fan identification and their influence on purchase intentions at a state sports festival held in Lakeland, Florida. Results indicate that satisfaction with event sponsors mediated goodwill and purchase intentions while controlling for the effects of fan identification. In addition, results differed between competitors and spectators of the event.
Paper 2
Designing ticket price strategies for professional sports teams using conjoint analysis
Young Han Lee, Senior Researcher, Institute of Sports Science Seoul National University, South Korea
Joon-Ho Kang, Professor of Sports Management, Department of Physical Education Seoul National University, South Korea
This study emphasises the need for professional teams to have sophisticated methods for devising ticket pricing strategies. The research was designed to supply team managers with meaningful information from which to construct ticket prices that fit the needs of their fans. Three different fan segments were identified (general adults, college students and middle and high school students) and four attributes for determining ticket prices in a given circumstance were selected (Player, Coupon, Point and Price). Conjoint analysis technique was used to conduct the research and analyse findings.
Paper 3
Sponsorship: associating image attributes with specific sports and particular teams
Gary Tribou, Professor and Head of Professional Masters Programme in Marketing and Sport Management Strasbourg University, France
This paper examines different means of associating image attributes in sport. The findings reveal that an attribute strongly associated with a specific sport can have almost no association with the sponsor, and vice-versa. Conversely, a low profile attribute can have a strong reference to the sponsor.
Paper 4
Caught between a base and a foot place: the first year of operation of the Indian Premier League
Adrian Pritchard, Lecturer in Marketing, Coventry University
The cricket Indian Premier League (IPL) was set up in late 2007 and played for the first time in 2008. The IPL is probably the first time in the history of professional team sport that an Asian league has become stronger than a European one. This paper examines the IPL’s first year of operation, comparing its organisation with Major League Baseball and the English Football League. The paper concludes that the IPL has more in common with Major League Baseball, although it has, in some respects, proved more flexible than both in its mode of operation.
Paper 5
Determinants of sports participation and attendance: differences and similarities
Fernando Lera-López, Senior Lecturer in Economics Department of Economics, Public University of Navarra, Spain
Manuel Rapún-Gárate, Professor of Economics Department of Economics, Public University of Navarra, Spain
This paper analyses the determinants of sports participation and attendance in 40 sports and recreational activities in Spain. Ordered probit models are used to identify determinants in each case and to test for possible relationships. The results show that the two types of involvement, participation and attendance, are very different, the former constrained by economic, sociological and psychological variables such as gender, age, time availability and motivational factors, the latter explained by variables such as age, gender and size of household.
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