have, no doubt, been approached before by rights holders or agents who have inventory to sell and try to persuade you of its merits.
We don’t do that.

Our approach is that your needs come first. If sponsorship is of interest to you as a means of achieving your business objectives, we’d like to discuss, in confidence, what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Only after this will we search available properties to see if your needs can be met. Although we represent a range of sports rights holders and have a large inventory of rights that we can offer immediately, we would not consider them if they are not right for you. We are not paid a retainer by any rights holder.

We have the industry contacts, experience and reputation to negotiate rights across a wide variety of sports and properties within those sports.

How we charge

Simple – we charge the rights holder a commission on placing the sponsorship with them – you pay nothing.

Doesn’t that mean it’s in our interest to sell the highest value rights?

It would if we only wanted to be in business for a year. But we want to form a long-term partnership with sponsors such as yourselves. To


online do that we want to achieve the best value for you – and furthermore, we want to prove that we are providing best value. Our commitment is that we will seek the most appropriate rights for you at a very competitive price. Because rights holders understand that we are not tied to any properties, we have a strong negotiating position to secure a good deal.

How will we prove it?

We have an extensive research arm which tracks more than 14,000 sponsorship deals globally. It means that we can see when new rights come on the market and we place a value on every deal. This resource is unique in the industry and it allows us to check that the value of rights is competitive.

Our research arm, which is responsible for some of the most highly acclaimed reports written on the sponsorship industry, also has experience in rights fee valuations, brand attribute matching, rights auditing and interpreting media evaluation figures. We can, therefore, show you how rights that we recommend compare and fit your objectives and this also gives a guide as to how your sponsorship should perform.

But how will we ensure that your sponsorship works?

Our service differs significantly from other agencies and rights holders. In many cases a deal is signed and you never hear from either the agency or the rights holder until it’s time for renewal. To start with, we won’t recommend a deal unless we have talked to the rights holder about how they will support you. If we’re not impressed, then we won’t place the deal.

But we’ll go much further than that. For any deal worth more than $250k per annum, we will produce an in-depth strategy guide, tailored to your objectives, completely free of charge. The strategy will consider your objectives (and these might include consumer facing marketing, B2B relationships, internal communications, CSR activity etc). We will then discuss options for benchmarking your position, setting specific sponsorship objectives and discuss how the outcomes will be measured. Finally, and most importantly, we’ll make a series of recommendations on how the sponsorship can be activated that meets your brand guidelines and your business culture.

This service is completely free of charge.

Quarterly review

Every quarter, we will review with you how the sponsorship is performing for you and whether the rights holder is meeting its obligations to you – again this is at no charge.

If you are interested in exploring sponsorship options, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.
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